LAPC wins prestigious $250,000 matching grant

to fund church restoration.

Though the doors of our Church are temporarily closed we want you to know that the mission of this Church continues, the mission to stay connected continues. Join us for Virtual Worship each week. Contact us with your prayer requests. Receive news and updates on Church activities by signing up for our weekly “Invitation to Worship” email.


LAPC is a diverse community of faith where people of faith or no faith at all can come and experience the Divine through openness & honesty, laughter & prayer and music & worship. It is our joy that you are here to visit us online. Join us for the time being, virtually, at a church where faith meets action. There is more for us to organize and resist against. Even more, there is more hope for us to create together. See you soon!


- Reverend David F. Telfort

Stay Connected

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