Prayer Concerns

Let Us Lift in Prayer...


      Immigrants and refugees in this country and throughout the world

L.A.P.C. condemns the heartless, ruthless attacks on people and families who seek shelter in America. We mourn as we hear the cries of families who have been separated. We pray for the children and parents forever traumatized by this ordeal. We will continue to pray with our hearts and feet because the journey for many of these families is just starting.

Prayers for

All who are grieving

All who are ill

Aging parents and all who care for them

For all victims of gun violence

For all seeking shelter in this city

For all seeking employment in this city

        For all Veterans and in their transition to civilian life

For all victims of terrorism across the globe

For all suffering through natural disasters


Prayers for

For those who are survivors of sexual assault. For each person who has come forward and for those who have remained silent, may God be your refuge as justice is served.