Our community of faith is led by the members of congregation.

These committees reflect the commitment we have to supporting you, your family and our community. Interested in joining one? Reach out by email to the Church office, or directly to one of the Committee Chairs listed below or give the church office a call at (718) 625-7515. We’ll get you connected.


Prayer Team 

The LAPC Prayer Team is a group of LAPC members who meet together each week to support the needs of our church, local, national and international community through collaborative congregational and community prayer.  

Leaders of the Prayer Team  

Peaches Diamond

Ivy Metz


Worship and Music Committee

The Worship and Music committee helps to plan, inspire and innovate worship at LAPC. The committee signs up congregant liturgists for each Sunday, communicates any feedback, coordinates with the Sunday School for participation in service and so much more! It’s a treasured gift that we share with God and one another as a spiritual expression of our faith. 

Committee Chair

Sally White


The Usher Team

The team of ushers are an important part of the worship service, as they prepare the sanctuary, greet and welcome all who attend, making sure that everyone receives a bulletin, name tag, and is seated comfortably. They spot new faces and encourage them to sign the Guest Book and they participate in the offering. The Ushers are there to help, if there is a problem. 

Leader of the Usher Team 

Dorene Christmas


Christian Education

Our growing Christian Education ministry aims to enhance the LAPC experience for youth and adults of all ages by offering targeted learning opportunities and various programs in an inviting and engaging manner. Children benefit tremendously from having a church home that offers an engaging set of learning and social opportunities and adults benefit when sharing their faith journey as they discuss the Bible and the teachings of Jesus in their daily lives.

 Committee Chair 

Lynn Stirrup


Social Justice Committee

The overall purpose of LAPC Social Justice Outreach is to identify issues, campaigns and work that directly impact the most marginalized populations of Fort Greene, Brooklyn and beyond. Working with our Pastor, the committee partners with local and national organizations to set priorities for action. We keep our congregation and the community informed on social justice issues. Our sanctuary is used as a meeting place and our volunteers currently work with churches and organizations across the U.S. 

Committee Chair 

Jerome Sauvage


Financial and Administrative Committees

 Several Committees work with the Session and Rev. Telfort to ensure the smooth operations of the Church, ensuring its financial health, overseeing our personnel and managing our outreach and communications.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee monitors the church finances, generates monthly income and expense reports to the Session, leads the annual budget process, oversees the annual audit, and engages in long-term planning to project future revenues and expenditures. Members also tally the Sunday collection, cut checks and make deposits. The Treasurer, Financial Secretary and Pastor are members of this committee and others are welcome to join. 

Committee Chair

Sandra Long


Fedake Sergew

Stewardship Committee

The mission of the Stewardship committee is to fundraise for the annual operations and long-term capital and investment needs of the Church by engaging the congregation in financial support of the church, building membership, applying for grants and using all of our assets and skills both material and personal toward that end. 

Committee Co-chairs

Deb Howard

Katie Kelleher


Personnel Committee

This is a committee of the Session proposes and implements personnel policies and guides the Pastor in oversight of the staff. They make personnel recommendations when necessary and ensure a safe, productive working environment for the church’s small but mighty team of employees. 

Committee Chair

Kara Sulmasy